COVID-19 Diagnostic Passport

For safe socioeconomic reactivation

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Restart the economy

Social distancing efforts are putting economies to a stand still. Communities around the globe are looking for ways to safely go to work, events and school. The ViroSure passports makes social interactions possible again.


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Your passport complies with EU privacy and security standards. We protect your personal data.

Privacy-proof immunity

Part of an Dutch-US consortium that is developing COVID Defender solution

Privacy and compliance first
Privacy is the hall mark of the ViroSure system. Data is stored in a secured cloud environment that meets the highest EU privacy and security standards. Personal access is based on two-factor and bio metric authentication.
Unique viewing links
Passport holders are given complete control over who is able to view their passports, and to which extent. Holders can generate unique links,enabling restricted viewing by permitted third-parties within a certain time window. Viewing events are logged for complete auditability
Integration with diagnostic testing
A secure web portal allows for easy registration of tested individuals by accredited healthcare professionals.Individuals and blood samples are linked through unique ViroSure identifiers.